Can Dogs Sense Natural Disasters?

Can Dogs Sense Natural Disasters?

Can Dogs Sense Natural Disasters?

Dogs are known to be instinctive, but Can Dogs Sense Natural Disasters? There have been many times when dogs have sensed disasters beforehand. Moreover, dogs posses 300 million olfactory receptors which helps them sense objects that are far away. Therefore, dogs that have sharp sense of smell are often hired to detect bombs and other nuclear weapons. In addition, there are many instances where dogs have also sensed disaster. It’s surprising, but you can never tell what a dog is capable of! Their heightened sense of hearing and smelling helps them detect things before they happen.

Many dogs have uncanny abilities of sensing things at a distance. Things that are a long way off. Detecting things such as a crinkle of paper which is miles away, sensing vibrations in the ground that indicate an earthquake, detecting the change in their human’s mood – a dog is able to sense it all. Over the years, I have come across many stories of pet parents that have shared how their dog was able to detect a disaster. Whether it is a storm or an earthquake, many dogs can predict this beforehand. Below are the signs that your dog has detected something unusual.

Changes in Body Language in your Dog

The first signs are seen in the body language of your dog, which are as follows –

  • On high alert
  • Constant barking
  • Panting now and then
  • Dropped ears
  • Sniffing the surface
  • Straight upright tail

Moreover, there are other signs as well that might indicate that your dog isn’t feeling sure of his surroundings. Whenever a dog senses that something is going wrong, he starts behaving in a different manner. So, you also need to pay heed to the following signs.

  • Behaving in a very restless and aggressive manner
  • Being extra protective of their human
  • Trying to run away
  • Sniffing and licking the surroundings

Dogs have a sixth sense – they sense abnormalities.

Did you know that you can also train your furry friend? There are many institutions available that provide training to dogs to detect any kind of change in the weather, wind, and other elements and pick up on it.

Whenever your dog is trying to convey something and seems restless, you need to remain calm and listen to the signs. Ensure you check your surrounding and contact the closed ones if there’s immediate danger. Your dog’s main motive is to keep you safe so don’t ignore the signs he’s giving you.

Moreover, whenever your dog does anything impressive, ensure you reward him with treats and lots of TLC! Lastly, don’t forget to give him monthly treatments to keep him healthy as well.

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