For Cat Rescuers

For Cat Rescuers

For Cat Rescuers

This article is For Cat Rescuers. Here’s what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work to do to love and save those you love.

When cat season is upon us, rescuers, colony feeders, and animal welfare advocates work very hard. Every year there seems to be no solution. There seems to be no  decrease in community cats, in calls for help, or impounding numbers. Neither are we any closer to legislative change, and no closer to a tangible solution.

Rescuers are making a genuine attempt for each and every cat that they come across, no matter where from or at what cost.

The same people work in cat rescue year in year out, making heaven and earth move to find solutions. New members enter the arena each year and speak up for their local community, asking ‘how can I help’?

In light of this, here are some important reminders for rescuers:

Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Simply put, if you don’t do this you can’t help the cats.

Know Your Limits

Know your limits. Yes it sucks, it really sucks we can’t save them all. You need to set your *own* limits. Don’t compare yourself to what another rescue is doing, or even another carer. Every situation is different and only *you* know what you are able to take on.

Say No

Be ready to say no and be ready to feel guilty. Rescuers are an empathetic type of human. We have an innate goodness and tend to put others (people and animals) before ourselves, and this puts us at high risk for ‘burn out’. Help as much as you can, with what you can, and be comfortable with knowing you’ve done all you can and know when it’s time to walk away.

Ask For Help

Ask for help. At times we all feel like we are drowning in requests, and we know others are as well, but if you come across a genuine case that needs help and you’ve reached your limit, put the word out. You never know what magic somebody might have up their sleeve.

Share Resources

Share resources. Had an adoption inquiry but you don’t have a suitable cat? Ask if you can assist in finding them the right match. With so many cats in care across Sydney, you’re bound to link them with the right rescue.

Check In with Each Other

Check in with each other. Got a foster carer that has gone quiet? Colony feeder sounding anxious? Make time to reach out, even if you’re just a sounding board, it can help.

No Assumptions

Don’t assume and don’t be nasty. If a person comes to you for help, or posts something naïve on social media, take the time to educate from a benevolent disposition. Sure some people are jerks, but plenty of people are well meaning and don’t know the complexities of cat rescue. Lets assume good in everybody.

Why not post your comments below and provide support for other cat rescuers. I can almost guarantee a cat rescuer will be awake and online to chat… they’re probably up doing a 3am neonate feed, or out in the field keeping an eye on a cat trap, just trying to stay awake!

I hope that you all have the strength to keep going, and keep doing what you are best at; that is, ‘keep saving lives’. The cats will thank you <3

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